Just As I Am

Most parents do the best they can
They're people just like you
And you'll find that when you lose them
Part of you will be lost too

Our lives are affected by many things
That make us who we are
And we have to take some of the blame
For the lives we've led so far

Don't miss the opportunity
Before it is too late
Try to resolve any conflicts
For you'll find that time won't wait

Forgive mistakes that were made
For their love was sincere and true
We all have bruises from our past
For they're only human too

And For Parents:

Try to accept your children
For who they've grown to be
It's their lives to do as they choose
Even though you may not agree

Find it in your heart to understand
For they need your unconditional love
Try not to turn your back on them
Search for guidance from above

For what's more special than a child
Who you raised and thought you knew
But they're not flawless you will find
For they're only human too

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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