Little does NBC's Al Roker know that it was his weather
send off that gave me the idea for this poem

My Neck Of The Woods

I would like to invite you all to my neck of the woods
Where trees are always dark and green
And there's plenty of pretty flowing streams

Where flowers bloom in winter and skies are always blue
And there's animals of plenty that will always greet you too

Where no one ever turns their back
And there's peace though out the land
Where people are really friendly
And always lend a helping hand

Where rainbows are seen all over the sky
With colors to brighten the day
It's a place where you'll want to return
Or perhaps where you'll just choose to stay

The Good Lord is always watching
And guiding us all the way
And we respect and honor
Each and every bright new day

So my friend just come with me
If you wanted to you could
Just take my hand and imagine yourself

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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