I met a friendly ol' man in the park
And noticed he had a tattoo
I tried to see what the picture was
But it seemed faded in a light blue

I asked him to have a closer look
And proudly he said of course
Then proceeded to tell me this story
As his voice sounded husky and hoarse

When I was only three months old
My Dad found this little pup
My parents decided to keep him
So together we grew up

My Father named him "Buddy"
For he sure watched over me
And you could always find us
In the meadows where we'd be

We used to play all kind of games
And he was my closest friend
But like every other thing in life
All good things come to an end

I remember when I was eighteen
And we had to say goodbye
The vet said that his time was up
As I broke down and started to cry

I handed my camera to my Dad
To snap a picture for the last time
I got on my knees and kissed Buddy
For the last eighteen years he was mine

I took that picture of Buddy and me
Down to the place that tatoo'd
And I had that engraved forever
With this color that's now faded blue

Through all the wonderful times in my life
And through all of the sorrows too
Buddy was always with me
Deep in my heart and this tattoo

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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