A Tree Spoke To Me

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I always felt so close to trees
Spiritual in every way
Sometimes I would relate to them
To hear what they had to say

As I stood by an old oak tree
with my arms extended wide
I could tell it wanted to speak to me
As I heard its words were filled with pride

I've protected thousands of birds nests
Watched the fledglings as they grew
I proudly displayed my colors in spring
For all to enjoy natures view

But now I know I'm in danger
For I see my fellow trees
As they are cut down to build houses
And sadly watch their falling leaves

I know that the world's getting larger
With malls being built every day
But if only they would honor us
Before cutting us down this way

We've lived here so many years
We're tall, we're strong and alive
Show a simple gesture of kindness
Before taking our precious lives

Tears filled up my saddened eyes
For the tree spoke the truest words
They too were put here on this earth
But their words are never heard

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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Photo is entitled New Forest from FreeFoto.com