Daddy's Girl

Your tiny baby pictures I look at all the time
It brings back happy memories when you and
your Mom were mine

But then your Mom grew restlesss
And wanted to be free
I tried to keep you little one
But the court said "no" to me

For they always gave the children
to the Mother's as you know
But the day I said goodbye to you
It really hurt me so

I love you now as I loved you then
And I'll always be your Dad
For you're the only family that
I have ever had

Sometimes I didn't visit you
For I remember how you'd cry
When I put you in your Mother's arms
After kissing you goodbye

The years have passed, my little one
And you soon will be a bride
You've made me very happy
That you want me by your side

Yes, I'll be there my little one
For I'd never let you down
And I've always dreamed of seeing you
In your wedding gown

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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