Here's to little Johnny
Who has the courage of a man
He was in and out of foster homes
Almost since his world began

His parents didn't want him
When they found out he couldn't walk
And John was much too young to know
The way his parents talked

The day they carried Johnny in
I watched him as he cried
He reached out to his Mother's arms
And with all his heart he tried

In the foster home he sat there
Watching other children play
And when I extended my hand to him
He told me he would walk someday

Then the years just hurried by
As I watched little Johnny grow
Why did his parents give him up?
I guess I'll never know

Every day he tried to walk
And so many times he fell
The doctors said he was "very brave"
And that only time would tell

Well, that was many years ago
When I'd hold him on my knee
Now I cry each time I visit John
As he comes running out to me

Yes, little John can walk now
And he's full of love and charms
And as long as I live I'll never forget
How he reached out for his Mother's arms

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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