When I was just a little tot
First time I tried to stand
I looked around as if to say
Mama hold my hand

So many times I walked and fell
And hurt myself and cried
She would kiss away my tears
She was my life long guide

Then on my first day starting school
I was as scared as I could be
But mama took me by the hand
And did her best to comfort me

Many years have passed since then
My children have all grown
with all the years of life gone by
She's in a nursing home

Now the roles are quite reversed
I've come to understand
The woman who once was so strong
Can hardly even stand

But mama please don't worry
I'll be there at your command
And whenever you may need me
I'll say mama hold my hand

There's nothing more that I can do
But Mama I will comfort you
And as I watch you day by day
I see you slowly fade away
It feels so sad that my heart cries
It's so hard to watch your Mama die

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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