He carried his dog to the S.P.C.A
For the old man will be put in a home
But they told him can't have an animal there
so tomorrow he'll move in alone

With tears in his eyes, he handed his dog
To the woman who worked there that day
But sorrow had filled the poor ol' man's heart
When he  handed ol' Laddie away

And Laddie just sat there a twelve year old dog
As  if he somehow understood
And he wouldn't hurt his master
So he acted the best way he could

He wagged his short tail and the love in his eyes
Just seemed to be saying good-bye
The old man started to walk away slow
Then turned back and  started to cry

"Give me my buddy I'll take him back now
We've been too close to part in this way
I'll find a way to keep him
After all I've got one more  day"

The old man and Laddie were both found dead
with money to buy a headstone
They were buried together
And the epitaph read

Together we found a new home

© Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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If you know anyone and you have the room,
please try to foster a pet.

It's heartbreaking especially for older people
to have to give up their beloved dog or cat.

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