"My Cat Zack"


How I'd love to see
My little guy play
Like he used to do
In his younger day

I'd want to yell
And tell him NOOOO!!
I look at him and smile
And think where did the time go?

I'd love to see him once again
Running all around
On things I treasured most of all
So safe above the ground

And I wish that he would leap on me
And scare me half to death
Then hug my face so gently
As I'd feel his loving breath

What happened to my kitten
Whose eyes are now so dim
Wish I could go back in time
Pick him up and bring him in

But I know that's impossible
And I have to face the truth
That my little loving kitten
Has lost his devish youth

And the times that I would scold him
If I had it to do again
I'd let him tear the house apart
For he's such a loving friend

And so my beloved cat
I just want you to know
As you sleep quietly in my arms
I'll always love you so

Zack has since gone to Rainbow Bridge

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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