Hunting Just For The Sport

"The Trophy"

He shot the largest deer that day
Got him right between the eyes
A trophy and a mounted head
He received as the first prize

They took a lot of pictures at the hunt
Though he received just one
He couldn't wait to bring it home
And show it to his youngest son

When little Timmy looked at the picture
A tear came to his eye
I'm really happy for you Dad
And I'm sorry if I cry

Gee, he must have been beautiful Dad
And I bet he sure could run
Just moments before he was roaming free
'Til you shot him with your gun

And suppose he had a little son
Who loved him as I love you
There'd be no one to protect him now
As only a Father can do

He thought to himself what a wonderful boy
Then he turned and said to his wife
This trophy that I have in my hand
Will haunt me for the rest of my life

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved

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