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Inspirational Poetry

You're Stronger Than You Think
Who Will Be There
Little Johnny
The Child In Me
The Upward Climb
A Tree Spoke To Me
My Neck Of The Woods
Heat Of The Fire
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Angels There With You
The Quietness Of Strength
Just As I Am

Support Our Military

The Silent Soldiers
Pass The Flag To Me
A Soldiers Prayer
If I Never Make It Home
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coming soon
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Feelings Of The Heart

Our Love
You'll Always Have My Heart
I'm Glad There's You
A Friend Like You
Mama Hold My Hand
Daddy's Girl
My Daddy Left Me
Reflections Of A Friend
Background Of My Mind
Free Again
A Special Parent
Understanding A Grandparents Grief
The Cheating Game
The Mouse That Made A House A Home
Missing Mama
The Red Mustang
Look Away
The Trophy
My Special Computer Friend
In Memory Of Shi
A Leftover Letter To Santa
My Wedding Band
True Ties That Bind
Among My Souvenirs
I Close My Eyes So I Can See
Heartfelt Memories
The Faded Tattoo
Just As I Am
Treasures Of A Friend

Humorous Poetry

The Band Played On
What A Mess We're In
In My Mind I'm Twenty One
That's Not What I Had In Mind
Find Out What Number You Are
The Measure Of A Macho Man
Taking A Break
The Hunk From Holly Creek
Lost Our Shirts In Atlantic City
Disco Nights

Animal Poetry

True Blue
The Mouse That Made A House A Home
My Cat Zack
My Pre - Owned Dog
A Cat Name Halloween
The Old Man And His Dog
"my cat poems"
The Wisdom Of A Cat
Taking A Break
A Letter To Zack At Rainbow Bridge
A Dog Speaks
The Trophy
Mama's Sweet Sorrow
In Memory Of Shi
If These Woods Could Talk
If I Never Make It Home
The Faded Tattoo
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Holiday Poetry

Angels There With You
The Cat Name Halloween
A Leftover Letter To Santa
A Father's Love
Valentine's Day
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coming soon
coming soon

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Song playing is my favorite
Begin the Beguine
Written by Cole Porter

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